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Test Equipment Repair and Calibration



Frequently Asked Questions       

v     What is calibration?

o       the process of comparing the unknown with a reference standard and reporting the results

v     Why is calibration important?

o       properly calibrated equipment provides confidence that your products and services meet their specifications.  Calibration can help increase production yields, optimize resources, assure consistency, and ensure measurements are compatible with those made elsewhere

v     What are the risks of not calibrating my equipment?

o       not having calibrated or properly calibrated equipment can run the risk of misread observations from your equipment.  This can have a negative domino effect on your service, causing more problems to occur and eventually costing you more money.

v     How often should I calibrate my equipment?

o       after you purchase a new piece of equipment

o       if a specific time period has elapsed

o       if a specified usage (operating hours) has elapsed

o       if your equipment has been involved in an event such as shock or vibration which could cause it to become out of calibration

o       if the observations of the equipment become questionable